Introducing {{DynamicContent}}

Introducing {{DynamicContent}}

You asked for it, so we built it!

Askneo customers can now leverage dynamic content to personalize SMS campaigns even further!

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content has a few names including liquid syntax and merge fields. It is a tagging system that allows you to inject personalized data into a mass message, such as the first name of a customer. It helps you create a more authentic relationship with your audience at scale.

Why is dynamic content so important?

Conversational SMS is a great way to build personal relationships with thousands of customers. But if you send the wrong message or vibe, it can also feel very intrusive. When you create an SMS campaign, it is paramount that you always make sure your message is relevant to a particular customer segment, and make the content as personalized as possible.
That's why dynamic content is so important: it helps you turn a mass SMS campaign into a personalized message. i.e. "Hey there..." becomes "Hey John..."

Where do dynamic content work?

It works everywhere you can send a message to a customer. This includes both large broadcasts for marketing campaigns, in conversation threads for 1:1 conversations, and any automated response generated by the SMS chatbot or Keywords.

What type of dynamic content can I use?

First name: {{FirstName}}

Last name: {{LastName}}

Phone number: {{Phone}}

Email: {{Email}}

What's next with dynamic content?

We are currently building the next generation of SMS automations with Askneo. Soon, Askneo users will be able to add as many personalized fields as they want to the customer profiles, and make every field dynamic across the entire platform.

"Hey {{FirstName}}, how are you? Since you love {{FavoriteColor}} so much, I thought you'd like our new {{FavoriteScent}} cream. We ship to {{State}} within 48h for free, so just reply "BUY" if you want it :D"

We are also working on making the customizable chatbot evolve so Askneo users can build automated scripts with branches, trigger SMS messages based on customer behavior, and synchronize triggering events with third parties such as Shopify, Hubspot and Salesforce.

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