Launching AskNeo invites! 🥳

Launching AskNeo invites! 🥳

One year ago, in the midst of the first Covid lockdown, we quickly realized how much spam and irrelevant marketing we receive on a daily basis, and how terrible customer service had become. We were outraged by countless spam emails, unattended web chats, and hour-long waits on the phone.

We decided to build our own tool to ensure personal customer engagement in the most human and authentic way possible, and that’s how Neo was born.

Customers don’t mind getting messages as long as they include these three key elements:
• Messages have to be relevant to customers in a personal way
• Customers can reply easily, leading to a human-to-human conversation
• The conversation leads to a result and/or resolution with zero friction

Following these three principles, we decided to focus on two-way texting for small and medium businesses, and become the best conversational text messaging platform ever built for SMBs.
Neo is the best way to personalize sales at scale, drive targeted marketing campaigns, and ensure customer success in the most efficient way. No more spam, no more unattended chat, no more wasting time. Neo empowers Founders and Marketers to connect with customers human-to-human and achieve 100x returns. Among them:

‍👩🏼‍⚕️ Sperling Dermatology achieved a record 250x ROI with Neo.

🧼 Iron Lion Soap’s packages got sold out in 10 minutes with Neo.

🏃 The Public Run Club successfully conducted a week-long coaching session with Neo.

Today and hundreds of customer-led iterations later, we decided to switch Neo to invite-only, to build up the Neo Club and exchange best practices around human-to-human customer engagement. The goal is to keep focusing on quality for our customers.

We’re beyond excited to launch the new Neo website with testimonials, tips and resources. And by switching Neo to invite-only, we’re giving another superpower to our early adopters: the ability to give invites and decide who should become the next members of the Neo club.

So if you are looking for the most personal way to drive sales, marketing and customer success, join our movement by requesting access to Neo today, and help us make a difference by building a more authentic world!

Text "NEO" to (917) 451-5515 to request access or visit :)