Askneo + Zapier

Askneo + Zapier

Askneo is now available on Zapier, allowing Askneo customers to integrate with more than 4,000 apps! Askneo users can now:

• Import contacts into Askneo with details such as first and last name, phone number, and email. Askneo already helped B2C and D2C brands to save their customer details automatically based on a smart SMS bot script. Now, these brands are becoming even more efficient by being able to synchronize any CRM, CMS or third-party app seamlessly with Askneo.

• Send SMS messages from third party apps, like sending a notification to a customer by SMS when an order is placed or shipped. Askneo customers asked for the ability to send and receive messages automatically based on exterior triggers. eCommerce stores are now sending automated SMS to their customers at every step of the way, from online purchase to delivery. Human-to-human and automated conversations are still unified in single threads, making it easy for teams to get context and collaborate effectively on sales and customer support.

• Create and share templates of their Zapier actions in a new tab called "Integrations" in the Askneo app. The Integrations tab is progressively becoming a library where Askneo customers can exchange their use cases for free and help each other become more efficient and make customer engagement even more personal.

If you want to automate text messaging for your business and stay personal and authentic, join Askneo to create and leverage unlimited integration templates by texting "NEO" to (917) 451-5515!

Still have questions? Text "Q" to (917) 451-5515 and we'll get back to you by SMS :)