Launching AskNeo Media!

Launching AskNeo Media!

Today is a big day! We’re launching AskNeo Media alongside!

So many companies fail at differentiating brand loyalty from customer loyalty. Since the start of 2 years ago, we've been on a mission to make customer engagement more authentic and personal, with the dream of abolishing spam.

But why did we call the company AskNeo? Because Neo helps humans disconnect from the fake world of the Matrix and reconnect in the real world, human-to-human. That’s what we do at AskNeo: we help brands reconnect with their customers in the most authentic way.

At AskNeo, we talk with at least 1 customer a day, and we regularly make them vote on the next features to build. This year, some questions kept coming more and more often:

“How can we make our campaigns more engaging?”

“Can you help us with branding as well?”

“What should we do for our content strategy?”

So, what’s the difference between brand loyalty and customer loyalty? A customer can love a brand but have a bad experience with one of their representatives. A customer can dislike a brand but have a great experience with one of their representatives. In both cases, the customer might not come back, or even not purchase anything at all.

See, in the Matrix, Neo already benefited from the “brand” that was built around him: the promise of freedom. But he had to prove himself as a brand representative and learn how to become the leader of the free world. He doubted himself at first, even putting the brand that was built for him in jeopardy.

Building brand loyalty and customer loyalty simultaneously is key to secure repeat customers, yet most companies fail to do both. You build customer loyalty in your day-to-day interactions with customers. You develop brand loyalty with all the other touch points such as website, content marketing, packaging, etc. helps companies build customer loyalty by providing the most authentic day-to-day communication system.

AskNeo Media helps companies build brand loyalty through values of authenticity, transparency and trust.

So in 2023, if you're looking to build a more genuine brand, produce more personable content, or outsource campaigns, just ask Neo! :)

To learn more, visit: or text "BRANDING" to (917) 451-5515 or text "CONTENT" to (917) 451-5515

Happy New Year and keep it real!